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Introducing RoadShowz

A Revolutionary New Urban Concept”


an opportunity to express your dreams in a venue that takes away most of the stressful start-up angst (RoadShowz provides high-tech design solutions whereby we build-out the space, obtain permits and give you a turn-key solution “ready for business”.


Scrap the site-deadening sidewalk “hoarding/barricade” solution. Instead plan for a sidewalk contiguous “site-activation solution” whereby the construction zone is protected, monitored, and pre-energized with retail, hospitality, and service entities.
The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood

If you are tired of looking at ugly hoarding during urban development,  RoadShowz Caravans with it’s security features and constant eyes on the street will secure and beautify your neighborhood while under construction. 

 The Concept

— RoadShowz is designed to be a module-like train (Caravan) of interlocking, eco-friendly,
off-grid, self-sustaining “Podules” that enhance the pedestrian world in urban environments.
Digital signage serves the double-duty of informing and advertising on the outer skin while Retail, Hospitality, Service and small-scale Office solutions bring high-tech solutions to the interior realm — a rebirth of on-the-street commerce.
— Surrounding urban construction sites, obscuring surface parking areas, enhancing blank building walls and initiating world-class theme centres, RoadShowz can afford temporary or permanent solutions to urban blight while energizing the community environs.
— Opportunities abound for new start-ups and well-established businesses alike. Hooking street-presence to internet commerce while introducing challenging games (with participant 
rewards) changes the way commerce meets consumer.

Replace Hoarding

Is your Neighborhood “Under Construction?”  
Tired of dark dingy walkways that discourage Pedestrian interaction?  

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Pedestrian Passageways

“A pedestrian experience reimagined”

Replace the Barricades, Hoarding, & Protective Fencing with our Caravan of eco-friendly, illuminated,  Safe Podules


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Interior Store Views

Engaging Podules

 Climate Controlled, mind- engaging Interiors will  Showcase hand-picked Retail, Hospitality, and Services.

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Enliven the Urban Scene

Street-Facing, Illuminated, Digital Graphic Imagery & Eye Pleasing Advertising Opportunities

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Building Owners

Provides Street Safely, advertising of project, meeting rooms, Food & Supplies 

When you can LOOK AT THIS?

Neighborhood Benefits

Enliven the Urban Street Scene by Providing Safety, Beautification, Ecology, Jobs, Retail & Hospitallity 

 Vender  Benefits

Develops Brick and Mortar shopping and personal services without the expense of a buildout.   

Work Spaces

Pleasant Office & Meeting Spaces on second level

Greening Urban Environs

Rainwater Capture

Promotes wildlife 

Roadshowz Benefits

Beautify Neighborhoods

Beautify Neighborhoods

Vertical and Roof Gardens will bring nature back to urban spaces, beautify and improve neighborhoods, reduce storm-water runoff, and air quality.

High Tech Advertising

High Tech Advertising

Each module will support Advertisements on Exterior OLED Digital Signs for mass Vehicular Traffic viewing.

Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Eliminate the visual blight of construction sites, surface parking lots, &  blank walls of buildings.  Provide Lunch and Meeting facilities for workers.

Mercantile Commerce

Mercantile Commerce

Bring Back the Brick & Mortar Stores. Create hand-picked Retail, Hospitality & Services to enhance the Urban Experience.