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UNCEDED – Voices of the Land, Sponsored by RoadShowz, Inc. is a breathtaking multimedia installation that brings together the past, present and future of the Indigenous experience, as seen through the eyes and minds of 18 distinguished Indigenous architects and designers from across Turtle Island (North America).

 Proudly sponsored by RoadShowz, Inc Unceded finds it’s new home at the Pendennis Hotel Building in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

Led by world-renowned Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal, co-curated by Gerald McMaster and David Fortin, and organized by Edward (Ted) W. Powell and the team of RoadShowz.

UNCEDED speaks to the contribution of Indigenous architects in shaping our world with their vision, creativity and technical skills — but above all through their connection to the land and traditional ways of knowing. Organized around four themed territories, the installation features the work of architects and designers as they tell their stories of Indigeneity, resilience, sovereignty and colonization.

The Pendenis Hotel

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – The new New North American site for Unceded 


Unceded - The Venice Biennale